The Pennsylvania Miss Amazing Pageant is made possible by our dedicated and experienced volunteer committee.


State Director

Mel Maresca: Mel is a 2018 graduate with a Master of Science in Human Behavior. She began working with special needs in 2011 and her passion for helping others grew deeper than she expected. She was asked to accompany a friend to Miss Amazing Nationals in 2017 and the event was life changing. She immediately knew she wanted to be involved with Miss Amazing. When she was offered to be a co-director and eventually transition to state director she accepted. Mel has begun her first year as state director upon the completion of the 2018 state event. She is looking forward to putting together an amazing 2019 state event and her future with Miss Amazing.


Fundraising Coordinator/


Chris Scott: Chris is a current student at LCCC majoring in Human Services. He has been in the special needs field for 12 years working with IDD, MH and dual diagnosis. He got involved with Miss Amazing through a suggestion from a county case worker for an individual he provides care for. He worked tirelessly to make sure this individual was able to make all events. When she was crowned a Queen in 2017, he attended Nationals with her. The experience was heart-warming, and he wanted to be more involved. He joined the committee with Mel and once she took State Director he stepped up to help however possible. Since taking this position after the 2018 state event, Chris has helped raise hundreds of dollars in just a few short months and has plans for much more.


Production Coordinator

Chaynae Sealy: Chaynae has a law enforcement background with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts. She also has an educational background in psychology and sociology. She has been working with special needs for three years with many more personal years experience. Her daughter is diagnosed as bilateral deaf, seizure, ADHD and mild IDD. She joined the committee when she saw how much joy her friends got from their involvement with Miss Amazing. She is looking forward to her first year and learning more about Miss Amazing.


Participant Coordinator

Jess Johnson: Jess is a transfer student from Raritan Valley Community College to LCCC working toward her degree in criminal justice. She has been working with special needs for eight years with the majority of that experience in extreme medical needs. Jess has personal experience with autism through a family member. She was recruited to the Pennsylvania committee through friends. The Pennsylvania 2018 event was her first experience with Miss Amazing and she is excited to be an active member in the coming years.


Volunteer Coordinator

Chelsea Sergeant: Chelsea was an active member of Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) during high school where many of the projects she was involved with were geared toward those with special needs and life skills for special needs. She began working with the special need’s community in 2008 and began classes at Northampton Community College in 2011. After recovering from a major accident, she switched her educational route to nursing. Chelsea graduated as a LPN in 2016 and started her career as a nurse for medically dependent individuals with IDD and dual diagnosis. She volunteered at the 2018 state event and shortly after became a committee member. Chelsea has personal experience with ADHD and learning support.


Outreach Coordinator

Jackie Kensey: Jackie is a current student at Moore College of Art and Design with a major in textiles and fashion and minor in business. She is also involved with Philadelphia fashion week. In high school, Jackie was involved with a special needs program, gym buddy, a system to play games and keep the special needs children active. Jackie is a current Pennsylvania ANTSO National Miss title holder, which is how she found out about and became involved with Pennsylvania Miss Amazing as a buddy for our participants. She is also heavily involved with ENOFOUND, the endometriosis foundation of America.


Buddy Coordinator

Taylor Boyle: Taylor is a current Junior at West Chester University with a Public Health major and Psychology minor. She is a sorority sister of Alpha Sigma Tau. In 2016 Taylor was looking for new volunteer opportunities, and a google search resulted in Pennsylvania Miss Amazing. Taylor states “Miss Amazing is by far the most AMAZING thing I have ever been a part of and will continue to be a part of! Embracing the abilities of each woman is such a heartwarming and beautiful experience! This organization will forever hold a special place in my heart!”